1. Purpose of this policy
This policy for the use of cookies or similar technologies refers to specific files called “cookies” used on the website www.vlantoiu.ro, operated by Vlănţoiu and Asociaţii.
The information presented in this document is intended to inform users of this website about the placement, use and administration of cookies by Vlănţoiu and Asociaţii during the user’s browsing on this website.

2. Who we are
Vlănţoiu şi Asociaţii, hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”, is a law firm that provides legal services to clients in accordance with the relevant legislation in Romania and the European Union, located in bd. Unirii nr. 45, bl. E3, sc. 5, et. 8-9, ap. 141, Bucharest, sector 3, legally represented by Mrs. Andreea Vlănţoiu, as a Coordinator Lawyer.
Vlănţoiu and Asociaţii is part of an international network of lawyers, Linet SRL (Limited) C.F. / P.IVA 10187800965 – REA MI – 2511888, Via Roald Amundsen 5 20148 Milan, represented legally by Mr. Pierangelo Grassi. LINET does not itself provide legal or other services to customers.

3. What are cookies
Cookies are text files, modules, or similar technologies your browser can store when you visit our site. We collect information automatically to give you an optimized personalized browsing experience.
A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers stored on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone through which you access the Internet. These cookies are installed via a webserver request to your browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.). Once installed, cookies have a fixed duration and remain passive. Specifically, cookies do not contain malware and do not access information on your hard drive. The cookie consists of two parts: its name and its content or value. Technically, only the webserver that sent the cookie can access it again when you return to the web page associated with the correspondent webserver.
Cookies can contain information about your IP, which type of browser you are using, what device you use, display preferences, navigation, or content. It’s important to know that cookies cannot identify you directly, but your IP address may be associated with a country, city, or internet provider. Our site can also store in your browser traffic and advertising analysis cookies such as Google or Facebook.

4. For what purpose may we use cookies on the website www.vlantoiu.ro
Cookies may be used to provide you with a personalized and optimized browsing experience by:

  • Improving the use of this website, including by identifying possible errors or disturbances that may occur during the use of this site by visitors or registered users
  • Providing anonymous statistics on how this site is used
  • Providing anonymous traffic or visits statistics to this website, accessed through Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel

Depending on the information received through cookies, as to how this website is used, Vlănţoiu și Asociații may take several steps to make this site more efficient and easily accessible to its users by storing settings or preferences set by users, such as those that allow to:

  • Maintain browsing preferences or cookies
  • Establish, change, or save the language in which the content of the site is displayed
  • Optimize certain areas on site pages

5. How long do cookies last?
The duration of cookies may vary, depending on the purpose for which they are used. There are two main categories, as follows:

  • One-session cookies – these are deleted when you close your browser
  • Fixed (persistent) cookies. They remain stored on your device until they reach their expiration date (this may range from a few minutes to a few years), or until you decide to delete them through your browser settings. For that, please see section dedicated Help section from your browser

6. Cookies placed by third parties
Some features or sections on the pages of this site are provided through third parties. All third-party suppliers of these cookies comply with data protection and privacy laws. These cookies may come from the following third parties: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel.
We inform you that by accessing our website, third parties can collect data about you because of social networks plugins integrations, for example the “Like” and “Share” buttons, even if you haven’t clicked on those buttons or you are have no account on the social network in cause. Our company is not involved in any way in the data processing operations by the social networks, except for collection and transmission, which take place automatically, without us having access or control over the data collected by the social networks. For more information please see the privacy policies of social networks whose plugins are listed on our website (Facebook, Linked In, etc).

7. What cookies does this website use
The website www.vlantoiu.ro may use the following types of cookies

  • Processing cookies required to run the site. Processing cookies are required for the site to function and provide the services the visitor is expecting, such as browsing the web pages or accessing certain areas of the site. Without them, the website cannot function properly or cannot provide some functionality correctly.
  • Traffic Analysis Cookies These cookies tell us if a user has previously viewed this site or pages in within this site, and are being used only in statistical purpose.
Localct-ultimate-gdpr-cookieLocal, functional cookie that reflects your preferences regarding cookies delivered by our site. The duration of this persistent cookie is 1 year.
Localct-ultimate-gdpr-cookie-levelLocal, functional cookie that reflects your cookie retention selected level. The duration of this persistent cookie is 1 year.
Google Universal Analytics_gaA non-essential cookie that collects statistical information on the site traffic through Google Analytics. The duration of this persistent cookie is 2 years.
Google Universal Analytics_gidA non-essential cookie that collects statistical information on the site traffic through Google Analytics. The duration of this cookie is 24 hours.
Google Universal Analytics_gatA non-essential cookie, which is used to speed up the request rate to the server. Through it, we collect statistical information on site traffic through Google Analytics. The duration of this cookie is 1 minute.
Facebookc_userCookie that contains the logged in Facebook user identification number. The duration of this cookie is 3 months.
FacebookdatrStores information about the browser currently being used. The duration of this cookie is 2 ani.
FacebookfrGeneric cookie. The duration of this cookie is 3 months.
FacebookpresenceCookie that contains the logged in Facebook user identification number. It expires when the browser is closed.
FacebooksbGeneric cookie. The duration of this cookie is 2 years.
FacebookspinGeneric cookie. The duration of this cookie is one day and one hour.
FacebookwdCookie that stores the width and height of the browser window being used. The duration of this cookie is one week.
FacebookxsCookie that stores information about the current Facebook session. The duration of this cookie is 3 months or until browser is closed depending of the Facebook account settings.
FacebooklocaleCookie that stores information about the current language of the Facebook account. The duration of this cookie is one week.
FacebookdprCookie that stores the current display density. The duration of this cookie is one week.

8. How to block cookies
We respect your privacy, so you can choose to enable or disable certain types of cookies. You can express your preferences by accessing the cookie menu. Before doing so, please note that disabling or declining to receive certain cookies may cause difficulties navigating on this site and may cause limitations on the site’s usage.
You can also set up your browser to reject cookies or accept them. You can usually access these settings in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser.
For additional questions about how we use cookies through this website, please send us an email at privacy@vlantoiu.ro.