We are very proud to obtain exceptional results for our clients:


  • conclusion of a strategic partnership with a company with over 20 years of experience in cyber security and advising client – companies in the process of GDPR compliance
  • negotiating a real estate development contract for the construction of a housing complex with an estimated EUR 12,000,000 investment
  • representing a domestic company in obtaining a final and enforceable judgment amounting to over EUR 10,000,000 against an international insurance company
  • assisting a Romanian corporation in selecting its transnational contractor and design engineer for an important building project with an estimated value of EUR 13,000,000
  • providing legal consultancy and assistance to two legal persons in a merger with transfer of assets and hundreds of employees
  • providing legal assistance to a national public institution in the regulation of the legal status of a real estate property with an estimated value of EUR 30,000,000
  • providing assistance and court representation to a public institution in the restructuring and redundancy procedures immediately following the implementation of regulatory acts limiting the number of jobs allocated to the institution. Completing the redundancy procedure and the disputes with a 100% success rate
  • successful defence in court of a Government Resolution regarding the merger of two public institutions of national interest
  • legally supervising EUR 9,000,000 projects financed from European funds
  • providing legal consultancy and assistance in the negotiation of a real estate transaction of approximately EUR 5,000,000
  • representing an important Romanian company in a dispute concerning real estate of an approximate value of EUR 6,000,000 and in the court settlement negotiation
  • assisting to individuals in the regulation of the legal status of a real estate property of an estimated value of EUR 8,000,000
  • successfully representing a Romanian company with foreign capital in several labor law disputes amounting to approximately EUR 600,000
  • assisting a leading company in the negotiation and settlement of a commercial dispute of approximately EUR 300,000 related to the construction works on a Romanian airport terminal
  • providing legal assistance and consultancy on labor law to an European airline
  • providing legal supervision and consultancy on over 50 contracts with international artists