Andreea Vlănțoiu is the Managing Partner of Vlănțoiu and Associates, a law firm she founded together with George Vlănțoiu, Senior Partner. The firm is the result of their desire to take to a higher level their similar perspectives acquired in years of legal practice.

She has provided legal assistance for the conclusion of major commercial contracts, by coordinating teams of lawyers in charge with due diligence operations prior to negotiations, by negotiating contract terms and preparing the legal documents. Her achievements in the field of commercial contracts comprise the negotiation of and participation in the preparation of a real estate development contract for the construction of a residential neighborhood of an estimated EUR 12,000,000 investment. Andreea Vlănțoiu provided representation before the court in complex commercial cases and won multiple cases for her clients, such as a final and enforceable judgment amounting to over EUR 10,000,000 against an international insurance company.

In real estate, Andreea Vlănțoiu has stood out as a lawyer with excellent understanding of the technical and legal concepts of land survey and land registry, and has recently made an important contribution to the regulation of the legal status of a real property with an estimated value of EUR 30,000,000,  managed  by  a  national  public institution,  and  to

 the clarification of the legal status and registration of a real property with an estimated value  of  EUR 8,000,000,  co-owned  by  non-residents.  She  represented  a  leading Romanian  company  in  a  dispute  on  a  real  estate  property of approximately EUR 6,000,000,  and assisted  the client  in the subsequent  negotiation of the dispute court settlement.

Andreea Vlănțoiu’s experience in labor law refers to merger, takeover or staff reduction procedures for large corporations. She has made a key contribution to the development of recruitment or redundancy strategies, by carefully considering the substantive and formal terms of all actions, so as all the parties involved to benefit from a fair and transparent outcome. As a result, the risk of labor law disputes has decreased significantly and court trials have been successfully settled.

Andreea Vlănțoiu has a vast experience in administrative law and has provided legal advice for the preparation and implementation of regulatory documents. She has also provided representation before the court in disputes on the validity of certain regulatory documents.