Founder of Vlănțoiu and Associates and lawyer with over 10 years of experience in commercial and labor law, Andreea Vlănțoiu has specialized since 2017 in the field of internet law and personal data protection (GDPR). Thus formalizing a passion for technology and related law, Andreea obtained two international certifications, as an expert in data protection legislation and personal data management.

With articles published in the national central press and the international specialized press, Andreea leads since 2020 the data protection division of the Wordwide Independent Lawyers League, an international organization with over 200 lawyers from 60 countries, ensuring the management of cross-border data protection projects.

Andreea initiated and coordinates within Romanian Business Leaders a project that aims to attract to Romania big companies from the USA and from the world targeted by the CJEU decision in the “Schrems 2” case, with the intention of leading to the creation of a sectoral country brand – ,,Romania, your Privacy Destination”. By implementing this initiative, Romania could become known worldwide as a resource of privacy and cyber security, with major economic and image benefits for the country.

Since the entry into force of the Regulation on the processing of personal data, Andreea has been involved in audit missions and GDPR implementation projects at companies with complex processing operations. The experience thus gained allowed her to later specialize in GDPR re-audit, ie the analysis of documents and procedures of companies in order to verify the degree to which compliance was achieved after completing a GDPR implementation program.

The specialization in internet law and data protection comes after a consistent experience in other fields of law, which allows Andreea to have a practical and multidisciplinary vision when participating in the implementation of a GDPR compliance program. Among Andreea’s achievements prior to her specialization in GDPR are:

  • Negotiation and participation in the elaboration of a real estate development contract having as object the construction of a residential neighborhood, with an estimated investment value of 12,000,000 Euros.
  • Obtaining a final and enforceable court decision with a value of over 10,000,000 Euros against an international insurance company.
  • Regulation of the legal regime of a real estate with an estimated value of 30,000,000 Euros, under the administration of a national public institution.
  • Clarification of the legal and tabular situation of a real estate with an estimated value of 8,000,000 Euros, co-owned by non-resident natural persons.
  • Representing a top Romanian company in a real estate dispute with a value of approximately 6,000,000 Euros and assisting the client in the subsequent negotiation of a court settlement, which ended the dispute.
  • Legal management of the procedure for taking over or reducing staff of large legal entities and successful completion of legal disputes.
  • Legal advice on the elaboration of normative acts or on their implementation, as well as representation before court in litigations having as object the validity of normative acts.