George Vlantoiu

George Vlănțoiu is a Senior Partner of Vlănțoiu and Associates; he set up the law firm together with Andreea Vlănțoiu after deciding to implement their professional standards and aspirations at the highest level.

He is an experienced real estate and property development lawyer and has stood out as an excellent negotiator; his legal advice has led to the conclusion of major real estate transactions and the construction of outstanding buildings. His recent achievements include assistance provided to a Romanian corporation for the selection of its transnational contractor and design engineer for an important building project with an estimated value of EUR 13,000,000. He prepared due diligence reports, supervised the merger of several agricultural plots, both in legal and technical terms, and conducted negotiations that resulted in a real estate transaction of approximately EUR 5,000,000.

In administrative law, he has participated in the preparation of draft regulatory documents and has provided legal consultancy on the draw up of administrative regulations which ensured harmonization of the Romanian legislation with the European one. He has provided legal consultancy and has successfully represented private companies and public institutions in appeals against administrative acts of control authorities and in public procurement procedures.

He has considerable expertise in the field of European funds and has provided assistance to beneficiaries in project preparation and implementations; he has made available his extensive knowledge of Romanian and European legislation, has asked the competent institutions to harmonize the domestic legal framework with Community law and has maintained contact with management authorities. He has recently secured the legal supervision of a EUR 3,000,000 project financed from European funds.