Our mission is to learn the business mechanism that our clients wish to implement, evaluate any legal options, identify means to implement them and emphasize any additional business opportunities that only those in direct contact with the law can grasp. Each client is provided with a unique solution and a unique manner of handling the case.



It is our personal challenge to find solutions to complex or innovative cases. Experience has shown us that there is always a solution to any legal issue.


We advise our clients to build balanced contract relationships based on mutual respect. Experience has shown us that long-lasting contract relationships are those in which both partners are satisfied and have something to gain on the long run. A good contract is the one fully complied with.


We commit to creativity. Many times, our clients’ questions do not totally cover their actual need for information precisely because of insufficient knowledge about their field of interest. Our lawyers put their creativity to work in order to evaluate the client’s vision, anchor it into the legislation and point out legal alternatives and opportunities that would otherwise remain unnoticed.

Presumption of innocence

We have chosen to become lawyers in order to defend causes that are just until proven otherwise, in any field. We reject judgmental thinking and legal or moral stereotyping before a truly impartial court has had the opportunity to render its decision based on properly examined evidence.


We passionately defend the interests of our clients, and we do not get involved in personal conflicts. We believe that devotion to the client’s cause is best demonstrated by promoting a professional and open attitude towards business partners and colleagues, which leaves room for negotiation and creative solutions.

Relativity of truth

In the practice of law we have learned that truth is relative and both parties to a conflict can justly express their own perspective on justice. We always attempt to understand the perspective of both parties, since this is the only way to conduct an objective analysis of the case. We have managed to settle dozens of disputes outside the court by allowing each party to present its version of the truth; solutions always emerged from what used to be considerable disagreements.

Guarantors of justice

Where do we stand on the issue that sometimes lawyers defend clients who are known not to be totally right? We believe that they must do it, because the client’s version has to be presented before the court. Because justice can only be done provided defense is ensured by a lawyer.

Lack of or inappropriate representation before the court reveals quality lapses in the act of justice, which should satisfy neither the court, nor society. The court may render a correct solution only when all the arguments have been heard and all evidence has been examined.


It is paramount that our clients confide in us and we are fully committed to keeping the secrecy of confidential information during and after the legal assistance agreement.


Our lawyers are aware that specializing in a particular field is only fruitful if interrelated with other disciplines and professions. We are the promoters of integrated legal solutions and we deliver expert opinions in various areas of expertise – real estate, banking, IT, marketing and communication, accounting and financial audit.